Operator Requirements and Procedures

  • Basic Requirements
    • Experienced in the Masonry Field
    • Certified in the operation of multiple size lifts
    • Scaffolding competent person
  • Basic Clothing
    • Steel toe boots
    • Work pants that aren’t overly baggy or tattered
    • Safety colored shirt or vest
    • Safety glasses
    • Ear plugs and dust mask
    • Hard Hat

Requirement for all positions

  • Heavy lifting 50 to 100 pounds, in some cases more
  • Willing to work at heights up to 100’
  • Able to work flexible work hours which are dependent upon season, weather and other factors
  • Must be dependable and have reliable transportation
  • Good attendance
  • Cooperate with other workers on jobsite
  • Exhibit excellent safety practices and comply with company safety policies

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